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Designed to match original factory interior colors perfectly, across all makes and models

Katzkin Premium Automotive Leather is a top-grain aniline dyed leather, produced in Brazil from hand selected hides of local origin. Their industry leading Premium Leather features a durable protective finish that is bonded into the leather, becoming an part of the material. The result is a superior hand and a smooth surface touch. Katzkin Premium leather has been tested extensively to confirm that it meets or exceeds industry specifications for use in automotive interiors.

Not 100% sure? Order Katzkin Color Samples

The above thumbnails are upholstery colors available from Katzkin. They are intended to give you a general idea of the colors available for your Katzkin Leather Seat Upholstery Kit. Due to disparity in monitor quality we cannot guarantee color accuracy and recommend ordering the actual Katzkin Color Samples for best representation of these colors.

Please note that although Toyota, General Motors, Mopar, etc. may use the same color name (ie, Grey), it is important to note that these are all not necessarily the same color (shade or hue). If you are looking to do a single color factory match, use the following Katzkin seat selector chart to look up the name of your factory color to get the corresponding Katzkin leather color recommendation. Have questions or need assistance? Give us a call 888.490.7727