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Katzkin Leather Color Samples

Get a Full Book of Every Katzkin Material and Color, or 10 Individual Swatches of Premium Colors from - your online source for Katzkin Leather

Katzkin Material Samples Katzkin Leather Auto Upholstery Samples Book
Katzkin Sample Swatches
Choose Up to 10 Colors for $10.95

Katzkin Sample Book
You Pay: $19.95

Choose up to 10 & Receive a Credit when you purchase a Katzkin Kit from ShopSAR Receive a Refund when you return the Samples Book to ShopSAR within 90 days!

Choose from the Katzkin Samples Book or Individual Katzkin Sample Swatches

As the saying goes, "seeing is believing". And believe me when I say there's nothing like seeing Katzkin's variety of color choices in person. With our handy Katzkin interior selector book, we send you actual pieces of material, not just printed representations of what they look like. From the rich tones of Tuscany collection, to the wild variety offered in the AutoExotics, Suedezkins, Barracuda, and Outlaw materials. No matter how good your PC and monitor is, there are dozens of variations that can affect how you are seeing the Katzkin leather color swatches on our website.That's why it's a great idea to pick up our Samples.

- Get the Katzkin Samples Book, filled with every color and style of material, for $19.95 and get the cost of the book refunded to you when you return the book within 90 days.
- Get a selection of up to 10 Katzkin Sample Swatches for $10.95 and get the cost of the samples back when you enter a provided coupon code during a Katzkin Leather Kit purchase.