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  • We do not sell the actual seats sells replacement leather upholstery for your existing seats. These are not slip covers either. They replace the cloth or leather and professional installation is highly recommended.

  • We cannot sell you only one seat or row sells complete interior kits, no exceptions. Each kit contains as many rows as your vehicle has and matching material for things like door panels where applicable.

  • We cannot mix and match rows
    If you've installed Chevy Tahoe seats where your Honda Civic back seat used to be we'd like to see some pictures, but we won't be able to help you with a leather kit for your car. Katzkin Kits are custom made to order That means there are no refunds on the kit. It also means that your kit ships within 13 business days from the time you place your order via UPS Ground and you should receive it in roughly 3 weeks within the Continental United States.

  • We highly recommend professional installation of all of our kits by your local Auto Upholstery Shop
    If you need help finding one, we can locate a shop for you using your zip code after you have made your purchase with us. If you decide to install the kit yourself, it requires removing the seats completely from the vehicle and disassembling them on a bench in order to remove the original upholstery. Then reassembly of the new upholstery to the seat cushions. The installation in most cases may also require specialty tools such as hog ring pliers, hog rings and spray adhesive. We carry installation accessories for the do-it-yourselfer.

  • Colors DON'T have the same name
    Just because the dealership calls it 'Gray' the Katzkin color may be Graphite, or Smoke, We recommend you get Leather Samples to be sure. With the disparity in monitor quality we know that it can be tough to make an important choice like your vehicles leather interior color while staring at a screen. The oversized swatches will help you authentically see the colors, feel the textures, and is a whole lot easier to hold up next to your car's interior than your desktop computer! Best of all the cost of the samples will be refunded to you when you purchase your leather interior kit from!

  • We can put your logo on a seat
    We offer a wide variety of embroideries and embossing for your seats that are available at check-out. If you would like to add your custom logo, you will need to send us a .jpeg file and a one time initial set up fee of $195.00 to create the embroidery. Each pair of your custom embroideries will cost $109.00.