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Katzkin Leather Accessories is an authorized Katzkin dealer of interior leather Katzkin kits. Find comfort options, upholstery by the yard, Katzkin leather samples, and more to help you get a great new look for your interior. Create your custom Katzkin seat cover with all of our available options.

Katzkin Kits Katzkin Kits

Design the Leather Interior You've Always Wanted

Katzkin Color Samples Katzkin Color Samples

Choose Up to 10 Colors and We'll Priority Mail Them for a Perfect Katzkin Match

Katzkin Embroideries Katzkin Embroideries

Choose from Katzkin Embroideries, or Bring us Your Logo

Katzkin Comfort Options Katzkin Comfort Options

Info on Degreez, Liquicell, and Heated Seat Options

Katzkin Available Colors Katzkin Available Colors

View all available Katzkin Colors Online

Katzkin Upholstery Tools Katzkin Upholstery Tools

Everything a 'Do-It-Yourselfer' Needs to Install a Katzkin Kit

Katzkin Additional Material Katzkin Additional Material

Katzkin Leather by the Hide, Vinyl by the Yard, Thread and more!