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Automotive Heated Seat Kits, Liquicell Gel Inserts and Massage Units

If you are adding a Katzkin kit to your car, take the opportunity to add comfort options such as heated seats, Liquicell inserts or massage units. The average driver spends more time in the car and commutes farther than ever before. These options will not only add value but additional comfort! Have questions or need assistance? Give us a call 888.490.7727.

Heated Seat Kit for Car, Truck and SUV Heated Seat Kit

Heated Seat Kit

You Pay: $165.00

Liquicell Insert Gel Seat pads Liquicell Inserts

Liquicell Inserts

You Pay: $109.00

Relaxor In-Seat Massage Kit Relaxor In-Seat Massage Kit

In-Seat Massage Kit

You Pay: $249.00