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Liquicell Gel Automotive Seat Inserts

Liquicell Insert Gel Seat pads
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Liquicell Inserts

(one gel seat insert kit includes 8 pads for seat cushion and fits one seat)

Liquicell Gel Pads are installed on your seat's foam, below the upholstery for a clean look, and a perfect option to add to a new leather interior project from ShopSAR.com!

The average driver commutes farther than ever and spends more and more time in their vehicle. With this comes a new set of long-term comfort issues such as fatigue, numbness, fidgeting and tailburn. LiquiCell’s proven technology reduces and even eliminates these symptoms.
LiquiCell gel seat inserts are made up of six ultra-thin, liquid-filled membranes. Each membrane looks similar to Dr. Scholl's for your shoes and on first impression, appears to be a simple product. Remember that old cliché, “…don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. Liquicell is specifically designed to be thin and when installed under your seat upholstery is scientifically proven to provide improved long-term seating comfort by reducing and even eliminating occupant fatigue, numbness, fidgeting and tail burn.
LiquiCell gel seat inserts provide unsurpassed long-term driver and passenger comfort while exceeding the highest industry seating standards and the ability to work well with other key seating features including heated seats.

LiquiCell Gel Pads: The Science behind the Technology

• LiquiCell is proven to improve blood perfusion (flow) by 150%. (March 2006)
• LiquiCell is proven to reduce long-term discomfort. (March 2005)
• LiquiCell is proven to reduce soft tissue shear forces, a leading cause of pain and discomfort, by up to 39% better than other leading comfort materials. (March 2001)
• Great for heated seat options as Liquicell will aid in providing more even heat transference across seat surface.

Medical and scientific evidence proves that while gels, foams and air do provide some relief of discomfort through perpendicular pressure reduction, they do not protect against the harmful effects of friction and shear stress, two of the most influential factors related to discomfort.
Liquicell Gel Pads at ShopSAR.com
“I am a sales rep who is in the car about 5,000 miles per month. I have had general discomfort and minor pain related to being in the car for long periods of time. I have been using [the] LiquiCell car seat pad for about 4 months. This pad makes sitting for extended periods of time very tolerable. No longer do I feel sore, stiff or fatigued when I get off the road for theday. I do not think I could go back to driving without LiquiCell’s seat pad.”
Kirk Hanson, Manufacturer’s Sales Representative

“We bought our new car based on the LiquiCell seats. Old folks need comfort, and LiquiCell seats proved to be the only ones for us.”
Jan Coulter, Austin, TX

“Great news…The cushion cover is very good. The most remarkable thing is the reduction in heat and perspiration, I would guess by 45-50%. Shear is reduced also…Would be a good asset…”
Tony (wheelchair user), Regional Sales Manager, Motion Concepts

“Hi, I’ve got a Toyota with your product in the seat, installed by one of your partners. I broke my tailbone a year ago, and it is the only seating surface I can be comfortable on. I often spend the entire day in the car, without discomfort.”
Mark Goodrich, Austin, TX

"My first experience with the [LiquiCell Seat Pad] was a road trip of 1,200 miles in 5 days, and the relief and comfort from the pad were remarkable. Since then, I have traveled close to 10,000 miles and can honestly say that I would not leave home without it.”
Murray D.

Get a PDF of Liquicell installation instructions.
A copy is included with the kit as well.