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Seat leather with square holes to reveal a contrasting underside color

'Barracuda' accents are a bold and unique way to customize your Katzkin kit. Barracuda accents feature 'Premium' Black or Alabaster leather with square perforations. These unique square shaped perforations will contain a contrasting accent color inside the perforation. Ordering a Barracuda accent is easy. When choosing your accent color, just scroll down past the premium, Tuscany and exotic colors. The additional cost for ordering Barracuda inserts is shown in the drop down next to your barracuda color selection. Due to disparity in monitor quality we cannot guarantee color accuracy and recommend ordering a Katzkin Samples Book for best representation of these colors.

Not 100% sure? Order Katzkin Color Samples

With the disparity in monitor quality we know it can be tough to make an important choice like your vehicle's leather interior staring at a computer monitor, smartphone or tablet. That's why ShopSAR offers a catalogue filled with color samples from every line of leather - from Premium to Tuscany and Exotics to Barracuda, Outlaw, and Suedes.

Please check first to make sure we offer a kit for your car model and year in our Katzkin Leather Upholstery Center.