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Custom Aftermarket Auto Floor Mat- Rubber, Luxe & more

Protector Custom Clear Vinyl Mats Protector Vinyl Floor Mats

Protector Mats are a heavy-duty clear vinyl mat that protect your vehicle's carpet from stains, spills and soil. Protector Mats are custom fitting and equipped with factory compatible anchoring devices, or Lloyd’s proprietary anchor system, in addition to a molded vinyl nib backing. The textured face provides additional non-skid safety. Protector mats can easily be wiped clean or with the spray of a hose, dried and reinstalled in minutes.

Starting at: $35.00
Rubbertite All Weather Floor Mats Rubbertite All Weather Floor Mats

Rubbertite mats feature a great capacity to hold water, snow, mud, sand and spills with hundreds of “wells” in each mat. These custom fit, all weather mats are perfect for all season use. The durable, heavyweight composition rubber stays flexible in sub-freezing temperatures and clean easily with the spray from a hose.

Starting at: $45.00
Velourtex Custom Auto Carpet Mats Velourtex Floor Mats

A popular priced replacement mat with a heavier, denser face than factory mats. Velourtex provides a silky smooth texture, created from premium nylon yarn, and the same multi-layer backing as Lloyd’s higher priced custom mat products. Backings feature moisture resistance, stiffness to maintain the mat shape and skid-resistance with trademark Tractionbac composition rubber final backing.

Starting at: $50.00
Classic Loop Floor and Cargo Mats Classic Loop Carpet Floor Mats

Our Classic Loop Mats are an economically priced, custom fit mat that is inherently fade, stain and soil resistant. It features a low, dense, loop that is extremely wear resistant, allowing Classic Loop mats to be warranted for five years. Lloyd’s signature multi-layer backing with final TractionBac completes these economically priced custom fit mats.

Starting at: $69.00
Ultimats Custom Auto Carpet Mats Ultimats Carpet Floor Mats

Ultimats feature a premium, continuous filament two-ply nylon yarn in a 32 ounce per yard construction. Twice the weight and density of original equipment mats, Ultimats provide impressive long wear and true comfort. Available in over 50 colors, these mats provide greater coverage and protection than factory mats and a consistently precise fit from computer controlled cutting.

Starting at: $75.00
TruBerber Custom Berber Floor Mats TruBerber Floor Mats

TruBerber Mats feature specially blended yarn, providing the crush and stain resistance of Nylon with the strength and fade resistance of Polypropylene. The commingled, multi-tonal yarns help hide surface soiling and matching cloth velour edge can’t unravel. With a face weight of 48 ounces per yard, TruBerber is the heaviest berber style automotive mat available.

Starting at: $99.00
LUXE Custom Auto Carpet Mats Luxe Carpet Floor Mats

Our top-of-the-line Luxe mat is the the thickest, heaviest, deepest pile on the market, with specially Scotchgard treated yarn for soil and stain resistance. These mats are over three times heavier than standard automotive carpeting, with extra cushioning to help prevent slipping and insulate against heat and road noise. LUXE Mats are available with embroidery or exclusive leather initial patches.

Starting at: $125.00