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Katzkin Replacement Upholstery Parts

Katzkin InstallTo get replacement parts for Katzkin leather Interiors from you will need to locate the service tag found on the under side of most Katzkin upholstery parts. This requires removal or partial removal of the part. This tag is essential in identifying your Katzkin pattern, interior options ordered and colors used and we cannot order your part without it.

- Locate The Product ID Tag and take a photo
Complete The Order Process on this page, or call us at 1-888-490-7727
Email us the photo of the tag at with your order number.

Again, we will not be able to order the part without the tag. These parts WILL NOT replace upholstery for factory seats. Prices shown are for standard colors / materials. If your Katzkin interior has added options (perforation, Suedezkin material, etc.) we will contact you regarding the price difference.

Katzkin LabelYou can find the Katzkin Tag:

  • All Seat Cushions (Underside - Rear)
  • All Lean Backs (Underside - Lower By Zippers)
  • Most Large Console Components (Underside - Random)
  • Original Box (Inner Plastic Bag)
  • Original Box (Outer)
Who Can Order Genuine Katzkin Service Parts?
  • Insurance Companies
  • Collision Shops
  • Upholstery Shops
  • Vehicle Service and Supply Industry
  • New and Used Car Dealerships
  • Vehicle Owners with Installed Katzkin Interiors

Please note that all genuine Katzkin service parts are custom build to order based on your selections and are non returnable. A comprehensive 3 year, 36000 mile manufacturers warranty covers any defects in workmanship. Warranty registration and care instructions are included in with your shipment. Due to age and dye lot variances, exact color match can not be guaranteed.

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