Replacement Grilles vs. Overlay Grilles
Differences and benefits when it comes to buying and installing an aftermarket grille for your vehicle.

At we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of grilles to satisfy different tastes. From sporty mesh, to bold vertical bars, to the modern look of Black Ice, we want to be sure that our customers have a choice in one of the most important exterior accessories you can replace on your car or truck.
When making that decision you will be offered Overlay Grilles and Replacement Grilles, and while installation will vary from vehicle to vehicle, here is a basic description of what is involved in the installation of each:
Overlay Grilles
Overlay Grilles from ShopSAR.comGenerally considered to be an easier install, grille overlays do not require the removal of your factory grille. Some overlays are intended to enhance the grille frame, giving a chrome appearance where there was none before. Others will give the appearance of mesh or chrome inserts within the frame, while others still are made to cover the front grille completely, often with cutouts for the factory emblem to show through. offers a selection of ABS chrome overlay grilles which offer a simple 'snap on' installtion, reinforced with automotive grade 3M adhesive. Other grilles from T-Rex and E&G Classics are stainless steel and may involve drilling or modification of original equipment in some cases for proper installation. We try to provide links to manufacturer's instructions wherever possible to ensure you know what you are getting into before you make your purchase. 
Replacement Grilles
Replacement Grilles from ShopSAR.comIn many cases the replacement grilles on are manufactured to use the same mounting locations as your original grilles to make installation as easy as possible. This isn't always possible however, especially when the look of the vehicle's front end is being changed to a larger extent. In all cases where you see a vehicle emblem on the grille it has been reused from the original factory grille or purchased seperately as they are not included with your new grille. Definitely take the time to review the grille instructions either online if available, or out of the package before attempting to install the grille yourself for best results. Make sure you have all the tools necesary as well as the experience and skills to make your install as professional looking as possible.
Whichever grille you choose, we thank you for choosing and hope you love your new look!